Computer information


A computer is an electronic device that has the ability to receive data, understand it, process it, store it, and output the results through various output tools, and it is called many other names such as the computer and the electronic mind, and the computer has gone through many stages before it reaches its current form that is between our hands Today, in the first generation or the use of vacuum valves in its installation, and therefore its size occupied several rooms of the building, then the transistor was discovered and utilized in the computer industry, and discoveries continued until it became an independent handheld device, and it also enters the construction of several other systems .

Physical ingredients

It includes all hardware contained in the computer, including: Input tools: It is what is used to enter data into the computer, such as the keyboard (mouse), the mouse (mouse), scan (scanner), loudspeaker (microphone), game sticks, screens Touch and many more. Output tools: The tools that show results after they are processed, including monitors, printers, and headphones. Data processing tools: They are the tiny electronic parts that process data, and can do hundreds of millions of calculations per second. Storage tools: are different types of memory such as random access memory (RAM) of all kinds, and ROM only, in addition to many other types that are separate from the computer, but they serve its functions as data transfer and others, and stores the operating system that powers the device In the computer’s hard drive.

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