Create and manage Facebook campaigns

Marketing through social media is considered one of the most important ways of marketing in the current era, due to the fact that these sites have a wide spread among all groups of societies of all spectrums, colors and age groups, but rather have become a close friend who does not leave us in our homes, smart devices and our mobile phones today is Facebook The largest social media company in the world and considered by many to be the treasure of all specialists in the field of Internet marketing. That is why we have been keen on computing company to keep pace with technology by providing specialized and consulting cadres in the service of managing marketing campaigns on Facebook while providing targeting methods for customers.

Create and manage Twitter campaigns

There is no doubt that the social media pages are one of the most important means of marketing and tensioning is one of the powerful platforms for marketing because of the huge number of its users as it offers the feature of ads in different and multiple forms, commensurate with all the desires of marketers, so everything that you do through the sites of tension must be within a special strategy in the sense of Every participation for you through tensioning, every admiration, and every comment must be within a plan that leads to predetermined goals. It may seem a little complicated, but we in a computer company have the qualified personnel and experience in this field that will enable you as a customer to offer your facility’s services or products to tense In a way within the visions of a A special strategy on social media and professional expressive and consistent with the aspirations of your customers

Create and manage Google Ad Words campaigns

One of the most important reasons for you to be active in (Google Ad Words) is the presence of your customers and competitors in the same company. It may seem inconvenient for your competitors to be in the same company, but this really means a wealth of information on your hands that can be exploited and integrated into your plan. With your choice of a computing company, all difficulties will be easy, as a computing company makes a presentation of your company or your electronic application on the search engine (Search Network) and the display network using Google.

Create and manage Instagram campaigns

Instagram is one of the most important application and business platform in the social media available for smartphones, and it focuses on sharing video and photos and provides marketing opportunities in a very big way because the images and videos are more prevalent and circulating than traditional text posts on other social networks. Instagram also allows you to amend your photos before uploading them to give them a high professional look and a good and comfortable style for viewers and followers as it earns you benefits and advantages in business and marketing, especially in promoting your services and products to be in the best sites and marketing ranks between competitors and in front of the target audience we offer this service to help you In defining your marketing goals and displaying your image ad to your potential customers on the world’s first photo-sharing platform Instagram

Create and manage YouTube campaigns

The YouTube channel has recently proven its position within social media, as it broke all numbers in terms of daily and monthly visits and views. The importance of YouTube video marketing comes from the number of views daily recorded by YouTube, which confirms that there is a very big opportunity for the emergence of your product or service and this is what you are looking About him as the owner of any product or serve him because it will bring you a lot of visitors and profits in the future. Therefore, his computing company provided many good ways for advertising and marketing via YouTube by using modern and innovative methods in electronic marketing and creating new ideas for video and photo spoilers. For your product or service that naturally leads to increasing the popularity of the product on social media, the more innovative and new the idea the more views and the number of your followers on YouTube We are in a computing company we have a group of specialists in providing your facility’s visual content on YouTube in a professional way that ensures you achieve Your marketing goals.

Creating websites for SEO search engines

SEO is the most important source in bringing in targeted visitors, as we study your field, study the market, and competitors, until we develop the appropriate marketing plan that saves a lot of money and time and ensures your company’s formation and its appearance in the first results, so your company’s appearance in the first results of search engines is a great success, It is the guide for thousands of visitors and customers to reach your company, which is what any company seeks.

Content management

Computing has qualified specialists to prepare electronic content for your establishment through intensive study of competitors
The target audience and works on content management based on administrative and marketing principles that contribute to increasing the percentage of buying your products or benefiting from your services in addition to forming the mental image of your facility and selecting images and interactive publications with high accuracy to ensure the interaction of the target audience