Development of applications for smart phones and devices

Today, the use of mobile devices has become the common thing and therefore there is a need for all institutions to take this matter into account, because these means allow moving the work of the office away, which increases productivity in the work in many times and enhances administrative decentralization, and it is necessary to accelerate the use of the advantages that You provide and adapt this platform to serve your business growth.

The question that arises Are your current systems able to handle this type of technology?
Are your data stored and processed in a way that benefits the institution and gives safety to deal with it remotely?

We at a computing company help you take advantage of these smart devices to develop your business and increase the number of your customers beyond the imagination, by developing logical processes and software to suit mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to help people communicate faster and better whether they are employees, clients or Even browsers for your products and information are allowed from your databases, which gives you greater access to a chip that you will only access by using these technologies.
Smarter programs and apps give you smarter results

The types of operating systems that we develop through

Stages of application development

1.  User requirements and employment Design and functions recommended by the customer, method of use according to his point of view, general appearance, content and brands.

2.  Development and programming of the application and the technologies used

  • Web-based mobile applications
  • WAP / HTML 5 based applications
  • Native Apps
  • iOS, Android,  Windows

3.  The test

4. Support applications and provide after-sales service.

We always hope to be the chosen counselors.